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The Zeppelin Project - Honoring Led Zeppelin's Musical Legacy

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"If you're a Zeppelin fan you do not want to miss this act. I caught them last week and just....WOW!" - Mark Heymann

"We just experienced The Zeppelin Project in Tyler. My God, man. What a phenomenal band! Best way I can describe it: a flawless, powerful wall of SOUND! Bliss. I was truly blown away" - John Williams

"I think I’ve just seen the best tribute band ever, except they’re more. Great musicians. They covered a big playlist while making time disappear." - Rachel Dillard

"I had never seen you before and I have to say, I was completely blown away! Y’all were absolutely amazing!" - RR Runo

"My husband and I were at the concert tonight. It was the first time we had heard you and we became instant fans. Your band is great but where the heck does your voice come from? Man! Perfection!" - Candy Shick Halliburton

"Great band . Amazing show. Cant wait to see them again. Kick-ass band. Highly recommended. Anybody who wasnt there missed out." - Gerald Crawford 

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